Cake Tables

A cake table of your favourite homemade treats is the perfect option for any party or get together. We can create a selection of scones, cupcakes, tray bakes and mini-desserts that will  tempt all of your guests no matter what their tastes or dietary requirements. Your selection can be as big or small as you need and is completely bespoke to your event. See below for some suggestions and pricing information:

*plates and cake stands not included

CakeTable. Photo by Assassynation

Sponge Fingers

Salted caramel, lemon and blueberry, Bakewell tart or chocolate - everyone's favourite cake flavours in mini.

Mini Cheesecakes

Choose your favourite flavour of cheesecake! We love lemon or white chocolate and raspberry - yum!

Heart Shaped Empire Biscuits

£2 per biscuit

An oldie but a goodie! A classic biscuit in a new shape!

Chocolate Brownies

£2 per brownie

These fudgy, chocolately square of yumminess are made using high quality, organic dark chocolate. They can be served plain or with a salted caramel drizzle. Can be made gluten free on request.

Fruit Scones

£1.50 per scone

Everyone loves a crumbly, homemade scone filled with jam and fresh cream! Excellent option for afternoon tea events.


Prices start at £1.75 per cupcake

Cupcakes are the perfect way to provide your guests with lots of different sponge and buttercream flavours. Some of our favourites are: red velvet, carrot cake, vanilla and strawberry and prosecco.

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